FAQs – BrewBakes

Who is the potential candidate for Brewbakes Coffee Shop Franchise business?
An avid, dedicated, courteous, determined, and customer-friendly person who are passionate about food business can be right prospect of BrewBakes Coffee Shop franchise business. We expect you to trust the BrewBakes Franchise system and follow it. We expect you to be professional and courteous with your customers, suppliers and BrewBakes family members.

How can I secure the BrewBakes Coffee Shop opportunity right away?
Fill out the franchise application form available at this website and send it online. One of BrewBakes representatives will contact you shortly within 24 hours of business.

How much do I need to invest in the franchise business?
It totally depends on franchise model you opt for. We basically offer three franchise models namely; Brew Lounge, Brew Xpress and Brew Standard. There are different investment requirements for the different models.

How long does it take to get my coffee shop open?
It may approx. one to two months to get your coffee shop open depending on various factors such as inquiry, site selection, lease agreement, franchise contract, and financing.

What if I want a franchise model with minimum investment?
BrewBakes offers three different franchise models namely – Brew Lounge, Brew Xpress and Brew Standard. You can opt for one of these three franchise models in accordance with your budget. Brew Xpress model can be started at minimum investment.

What is the franchise fee?
It depends on franchise model you choose. It varies model to model. There are different franchise fee for different models.

Will I get training and support as a part of BrewBakes Franchise System?
Of course, you will. You will get complete training and support: pre-opening and ongoing.

What business support will I get if I become a franchisee of BrewBakes Coffee Shop?
You will get remarkable franchise support and excellent customer service. You will get proper step by step guidance for smooth operation of Brewbakes Coffee Shop. Business support includes assistance in site selection, store launch, training, manpower recruitment, inventory management, store operation manuals, software purchase, interior & furniture design, merchandise supply, and marketing promotions.

Can I choose my preferred location to open a BrewBakes Coffee Shop franchise?
Certainly yes, you can select your preferred site/location to open a BrewBakes coffee shop franchise. Our team will help you evaluate the feasibility of your chosen site/location. We will also offer locations for your considerations and preferences.

There are a number of competitors in the market. Is it smart to opt for Brewbakes Franchise?
Being in the industry for several years we have established a tremendous brand recognition and reputation in the market. If you opt for our franchise system then you will have a privilege of joining a proven system. By joining our proven franchise system, you are reducing the risk of failures and avoiding making expensive mistakes.

How much money will I earn with BrewBakes Coffee Shop franchise?
The level of potential income you can make with our franchise system totally depends upon the level of investment and site selection you make.

Who will assist me in coffee shop site selection?
Our team will help you significantly find the right location for the store. We also have locations for you.

Do I need any previous experience?
No. You don’t need to have any previous experience to be a franchisee of BrewBakes coffee shop franchise system. You will get extensive training program and store operation manual that will teach you every aspect of running the coffee shop franchise business.

What is the minimum area required to setup the BrewBakes Coffee Shop?
Your store is ready for operation with an area of 100 to 300 sq. ft. only. This is a reference to Brew Xpress model.

What are investment requirement for different franchise models?
The total investment cost varies model to model.

Brew Xpress Investment Cost: Rs 6 to 7 Lac
Brew Standard Investment Cost: Rs 10 to 20 Lac
Brew Lounge Investment Cost: Rs 20 to 30 Lac

What is the initial term of the franchise agreement?
The initial term of the franchise agreement is FIVE YEARS.

Is there any royalty fee?
Yes, BrewBakes royalty fee is 6% on gross sales.

Are there any marketing or advertising fees?
No, there are not any marketing or advertising fees with BrewBakes.

Can I buy a running BrewBakes Coffee Shop or Café?
Yes. At any point we have a franchisee who is looking to sell, we will be happy to discuss with you when we meet.

Can I sell my franchise store? If yes, how and to whom can I sell it?
We are always looking to build long term relationships with our franchisees. However, you have the right to sell your store at any time by paying a franchise transfer fee, subject to BrewBakes approving the buyer.