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10 Things to Consider Before Opening a Cafeteria

things you should know before opening a coffee shop

Not everyone is made to do a 9 to 5 job. Some people are born entrepreneurs and I know you also fall in the same category because you are looking and researching on businesses. If you have the zeal you can do it. There are many ways people explore their career.

There are people who wish to serve the nation, there are few who want to showcase their talent and then there are the enthusiastic people who wish to do something by their own and this is a reason why they are called the entrepreneurs. If you are also planning to something of your own then this is the time for you to do it.

If you have the dreams live it now because no one has seen tomorrow. There are many better business options in present time but still there are many people who want to explore the old traditional business of running a cafeteria.

Of course, the idea is old but the modernity in the business module makes it the first choice of the new entrepreneurs. Food and beverages business is such a place where there is no recession. So, if you are really looking for a fruitful business plan then there cannot be anything better than this.

If you want to follow the dream then I have the way for you. I am going to help you out in every possible way. Here are the 10 things that you need to consider before opening a cafeteria.

Understand: It Will Not Happen Overnight

Though it is a dream but understand that it is not going to happen overnight. Even if the place you have chosen to be your future cafe is in a perfect condition, you cannot just open it for business immediately. In case you decide to do that anyway, there is more than a 90% chance that you will fail before reaching six months of operation.

It is realistic to open a cafe within three months (a very optimistic option) to eight months (a pessimistic option) from the moment you rented the space. For this period of time it is reasonable to have a discount for rent negotiated, or simply have enough money to start with.

Offer Extra Value to Customer

Customer is god and especially in service industry. To make customers search for you, you need to create a unique concept. Have a business plan ready, go the extra mile to make your customers experience something new and unexpected. They will come back for it.

First of all, define your target customer and create a concept that meets his needs. When you are ready, create one strong sentence saying why your café is unique. This will help you concentrate in the future.

Experiment on New Areas

Anyone can run a cafeteria at a popular location. If you are really looking forward to take your business to new heights then try the place which no one has tried earlier. The potential of the originally chosen area can be explored easily. A simple search through reality estate medias can help you find out the number of cafes that left the area. If there have been many, it probably is not going to be an easy location to run a cafe from.

Be Crisp and Clear in Inventories

There is nothing more important than to know the funds you need to have in order to sustain with your business. So remind yourself of the basics of working with Microsoft Excel, and try to predict turnovers, revenues, costs of materials and costing of employees. To finish the equation increase all costs by 20%, and if on-paper the business is still in black numbers, you have a good foundation. Once you open, confront your business plans with reality. In case your bills do not match your expectations of paying and earning, do something about it. If you fear it is impossible, you might rather close the cafe down.

Handling Everything by Own is a Big No

You need a strong support from your close surroundings, financially as well as mentally and physically. You just cannot stay all day long behind the bar, bake desserts in the evening, clean up the cafe, deal with the financials on weekend nights and go supply shopping on Sundays. You better count with some part timers from the beginning. Those can help you, if you are ill or in case of emergency. Not to mention that everybody needs a day off, sometimes.

Right Investment on Equipment Required

A good well to do café is the one that has the right equipments. Opening a cafe is a long term investment. If you see it that way, you will agree it is worth it getting a new, quality machine that will last and will allow you to serve the coffee you want, without compromises. Why? Because coffee is the heart of a cafe business!

Don’t Expect High Profit

If you think you will have a big profit (not revenues) in the range of tenths of thousands, you will be most likely disappointed. Not that many cafes become so successful, and if they do, it is because of the very experienced people behind the project. Those people must have taken an advantage of a favourable situation, they understood a specific trend, or realized a potential of a place. If you want to earn popularity within beginning then I would suggest you to take coffee shop franchise from a reputed brand.

The Bottom Line

Not every business is easy and not every business is tough. All you need is a good preparation of the things. The points that have been mentioned above would definitely help the young entrepreneurs who wish to turn the world upsides down with their zeal and enthusiasm. The points that are mentioned above would help in opening a cafeteria successfully. Be consistent and give you best and you would find that you achieved more than what you aimed for. Getting associated with big brand like Brew Bakes would become a favourable decision for your business.

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